ALINE Wholesale Distribution

“We are a proud sponsor of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association.
Come visit us at booth #502 during the annual convention in
Columbus, Oct. 20 – 22, 2017!”

Patients and providers alike appreciate the fact that ALINE mobilizes the foot and helps people Move Better, Perform Better and Feel Better.  ALINE mobilizes a functional foot making it more efficient.  Dr. Michael Leahy describes it as an “Active solution to active problems.”
The Domingo Group is proud to be the Authorized Distributor for the ALINE patented Insole and Fit System technology for the state of Ohio. We carry all models, including the legendary Active, the luxe Active+, the Cycle for cyclists, the Climate for winter outdoor enthusiasts, and the brand new Golf insole in all sizes. We are a full stocking distributor.  We offer our Providers speedy delivery, competent product support, and local service.

“The results I have obtained with the ALINE insoles have been dramatic and profound.”

Dr. Shawn Leatherman

“I wear a pair every day. I know they help me keep standing with good posture as I treat my patients throughout the day.”

– Andrew Harrah, PT

“I acquired the ALINE insole because I thought I needed a different kind of support for my shoe. My foot hurt. I was thinking about buying new shoes. I thought this was also causing my knee to hurt (knee replacements two years ago), especially going down stairs. After a brief ‘break-in’ period using the ALINE insert, my foot stopped hurting; my knee stopped hurting, and surprisingly my lower back stopped hurting. I like to test things, so I stopped using the insert for a few days, and the previous problems recurred. But when I put the ALINEs back in the shoes, the pain stopped. I am both a new and big fan of the ALINE Insert. I even suggested my Chiropractor look into picking up this product. I believe it could do wonders for his other patients.”
– Ron Finklestein, International Author, Speaker and Business Coach


If you would like to learn more about becoming an ALINE Provider, please contact us at 1.440.941.1280 or email            

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